What are workshop cabinets?

Storage cabinets encompass a vast array of storage solutions, and when contemplating the ideal cabinet for your workshop or warehouse, several crucial factors must be taken into account. Is it of industrial-grade quality? What is its intended use and how will it complement your workspace?

Heavy-duty storage is crucial for operations that run continuously, 24/7, and prioritize the safety of their workers. When evaluating the overall cost of a storage solution, it's essential to consider the durability of the options and whether they align with your long-term needs. Choosing items that can't handle your work environment can lead to safety hazards, downtime, and a subpar experience for your skilled team.

Containit Solutions offers heavy-duty workshop cabinets, including high-density drawer cabinets, workstation cabinets, tool lockers, vertical drawers, computer cabinets, and other drawer module units. These products are specifically designed to endure the demands of heavy-duty workshop applications over the long haul.

Is the Cabinet Industrial-Grade?

The Australian market offers a diverse selection of cabinets; however, it's important to discern which ones are genuinely industrial-grade. Moreover, different industries may have varying definitions of what "industrial-grade" entails. A small mechanical workshop will undoubtedly have different requirements compared to a heavy-duty industrial mine site workshop.

Determining the industrial grade of a cabinet can be facilitated by scrutinizing certain aspects, such as the cabinet's structural integrity. Is it constructed with a robust metal frame and bracing, or is it merely composed of thinly folded sheets, serving as a facade? The thickness of the steel can also provide insights into the cabinet's durability. Even a 1.2mm steel cabinet can be considered heavy-duty if it is part of the right structure with adequate support frames.

For drawer cabinets, the grade can be ascertained by assessing the load-bearing capacity of the drawers. For instance, if one cabinet can accommodate 100kg per drawer, while another can manage 140kg per drawer, not only is the latter 40% superior, but long-term considerations must also be factored in. Storing 95kg in a drawer of a 100kg per drawer cabinet will frequently subject the cabinet to near-maximum capacity, leading to premature wear. In contrast, using the 140kg cabinet with only 95kg in the drawer ensures that the cabinet operates well below its capacity, significantly extending its lifespan.


What Do I Require the Storage Cabinet For?

Selecting the appropriate cabinet for your workshop or warehouse hinges on a thorough understanding of its intended purpose. Whether it is designated for filters, fasteners, electrical equipment, tools, or a combination of these items, a clear comprehension of your needs is paramount.

Moreover, it is important to consider whether the cabinet could potentially serve a different purpose in the future should your requirements evolve. For instance, if it is presently designated for storing fasteners but could potentially be repurposed for electrical equipment, versatility in your choice of cabinet is an asset.

Australia Wide Storage Solutions

Containit Solutions delivers to leading companies all around Australia. Whether you’re in NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, TAS, WA, SA or NT we have team members based right around the country to support your operations. From workshop benches, metal lockers, workshop bench with drawers we are able to offer a complete solution for your facility. Whether you’re based in a city area like Sydney or Perth or a regional area like Pilbara or Bowen Basin we look forward to solving your storage challenges.