The Best Way to Store Tools

Although many sites have a stack of tools, many sites store tool poorly causing lost tools, inefficiency and frustration. If you’ve just been putting tools on any old surface or in any spare cabinet, then you’re most likely storing your tools incorrectly. Not only can incorrectly stored tools be dangerous (tripping over a stray item is never good) they can also more easily be damaged, broken, or lost! So, before you rush off to buy tools storage drawers from Containit, first take a moment to review these storage tips and ideas.

Check the Instructions

You wouldn’t use a tool without reading the instructions first, so why would you store a tool without first checking the instructions? Some tools have specific storage requirements listed in the instruction manual. If you do find storage instructions there, it’s important to follow them to the letter, so your tools can be stored away safely and last as long as possible.

Clean Tools Before You Store

Similarly, you wouldn’t use a tool without cleaning it, so why should you store a tool without cleaning it first? Wiping them down before you store helps get rid of dirt, dust and debris. In the case of heavy-duty tools, you may also have to get rid of mud, grime and grease. Make sure everything is completely clean and dry before you put them away to avoid rust and damage to your tool cabinet.

Don’t Throw Away Original Cases

If your tools come with original cases, make sure to hold on to them. Particularly when it comes to power tools, original cases should be used to store tools as often as possible. You can then safely store them on shelving or inside a secure cabinet. This will help you store tools correctly and keep all the components together particular if you’re taking that tool away from your workshop storage area for field maintenance activities. If no field maintenance activities are undertaken then you can setup a permanent location inside your high density cabinet.

Store in a Safe and Dry Place - No Humidity!

Keep power tools safe and avoid moisture damage by making sure that your tools storage is secure and dry. This means choosing a well-ventilated storage option with no leaks, putting it in a dry and secure place, or opting for storage that can be locked.

Opt for Quality

If you want your tools to last, then you’re going to have to invest in premium quality storage containers and shelving units. Look for a company that has years of experience, deals specifically with workshop and warehouses, and really knows tool storage, like Containit Solutions.

The Best Tools Storage Systems in Australia

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