Office Furniture for Warehouses and Heavy Industries

At Containit Solutions we are the expert suppliers of industrial office furniture and equipment in Australia.

While most warehouses have office space, regular office furniture is rarely suitable in heavy industries, and unlikely to withstand industrial demands, such as pallet packaging or tool storage.

Thankfully, heavy duty workbenches, pallet tables, high density cabinets and workstations are just some of the products we provide here at Containit to improve workplace efficiency and safety.

In this blog we will give a brief overview of some important industrial office solutions and our own Containit high strength storage and warehouse furniture.

Heavy Duty Workbenches

As discussed, ordinary office desks are not capable of carrying heavy loads, such as weighty tools and equipment, nor are they suitable for use in a standing position, wherein you lean your entire body weight onto the surface of the desk, such as when reviewing project plans. Regular office desks also do not provide enough space for all your needs or offer sturdy enough height adjustment options that you can trust.

As a result, you will not see regular desks in warehouse settings. Industry professionals opt for heavy duty longspan workbenches rather than traditional desks, as workbenches can withstand hundreds of kilograms in weight, as well as resist damage from the tough environment around them.

Our Longspan Workbench is built to handle packing, despatch, handling and other general office uses. It features a convenient under shelf for storage to make the most of space and both levels contain heavy duty 18mm MDF board.

High Strength Pallet Tables

When it comes to pallet storage, a mere strong workbench isn’t going to cut it, which is why here at Containit we offer Heavy Duty Pallet Tables capable of carrying 3,500 kilograms in weight. Pallet tables (also called pallet holders) are an essential feature of every warehouse, and the safety of your warehouse depends on them.

Our Pallet Tables are 1240 x 1240, stand 750mm high and come in a hi vis yellow finish for the ultimate in safety clearance. They are built to suit standard Australian pallets, which is why you will see our Heavy Duty Pallet Tables in warehouses across Australia.

Finally, the continuous surface and sturdy legs of our pallet tables ensure that there are no flexion points for added security.

High Density Tool Cabinets

You don’t just need to store paper in industrial work spaces, which is why High Density Tool Cabinets should be your cabinet system of choice. From the outside they can look just like a regular storage cabinet, but on the inside they’re built from high strength materials capable of withstanding the weight of heavy tools.

High density tool cabinets make fantastic cabinets for your paperwork, with the added benefit of space to keep your most frequently used tools close at hand.

Our High Density Tool Cabinets offer the ultimate in strength and safety with high quality workmanship, heavy duty extension runners, a central key locking system and a wide range of adjustable options. Whether you need locker or drawer cabinet systems, upright storage or trolleys, we have the right high density cabinet system in our range.

Industrial Workstations

Industrial workstations combine some of the elements of heavy-duty workbenches and high-density cabinets to create convenient high-strength space within a space. Whether you need a portable work area or a sequestered place to work within your warehouse, industrial workstations are a fantastic office solution tailor made for heavy duty industries.

At Containit we have a wide variety of workstations for industry, including weatherproof portable office spaces complete with power supply and LED lighting. Whether you need a site desk, charging point, or locker, our workstations are designed to provide the highest level of convenience and strength.

The Best Warehouse Furniture in Australia

Containit Solutions is proud to be the leading supplier of industrial storage systems and furniture in Australia. To order one of our heavy-duty products today, simply request a quote online or call 1300 603 110 to receive detailed product information.