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How You Can Perfect the Art of Shelving Solutions in Your Business

There’s an art to creating long span shelving system storage and pallet racking. Now more than ever, businesses need good shelving systems to support all aspects of e-commerce logistics. The growth of online shopping, as well as lockdown measures all over the world, have highlighted the need for multi-level storage solutions that streamline picking, dispatch and delivery. Whether your business is personnel operated or moving toward AI automation, at Containit our mission is to make your business organisation easy. We have a lot to offer, but first let’s take a look at our most popular shelving solutions for shipping and fulfilment centres.

1800mm Long Storeman® Longspan Shelving with MDF shelves

Economical and heavy-duty, our longspan storage solutions are easy to setup, make smart storage easier, freeing up lots of space. Our modular systems can be configured to suit your requirements and come supplied with 18mm thick MDF boards. Our longspan storage shelving systems connect together, creating streamlined runs for easy operations. Our Longspan Storage Shelving units have 400mm or 600mm wide bays and come supplied with end frames for a fast setup. Our shelving systems can carry up to 500kg in weight distributed per shelf, making them ideal for a wide variety of business applications. As a final touch, the quality powder coat finish creates an overall very neat looking set-up. We’ve seen our Longspan Storeman Shelves put to fantastic use in warehouses, workshops, parts stores, storage depots, distribution centres and many workplace storage applications. Our Longspan Storeman shelves have been in high demand since the increase in e-commerce shopping.

Storeman® Longspan Shelving with Small Buckets

Along with open storage, we are seeing the increase in bucket shelving. Long shelving fitted with mobile buckets creates a tidy workspace that improves organisation and management of small parts. Easily accessible bucket systems support rapid picking in distribution centres, as well as the management of small tools and supplies in a wide range of workspaces. Our Storeman Bucket Shelving comes in 1800mm and 2400mm long bays which can be joined together to suit your space.  Bucket sizes are 410mm long by 270mm wide by 200mm high, making them ideal for all kinds of parts.

Large Gravity Feed Carton Flow Racks

Finally, for optimum efficiency, many businesses should utilise heavy-duty carton flow racks designed to support the continuous flow of parts. Lane dividers ensure cartons remain in the correct line and reversible top shelves function well for empty cartons. Our Large Gravity Feed Carton Flow Racks also come with holes for roller tracks every 50mm, so operations can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Built with four shelves per rack, our flow racks create ample vertical space that can also support above-shelf storage. Like all of our storage solutions, our Gravy Feed Carton Flow Racks are finished in quality powder coat. Efficient, streamlined, well designed and quality built, it’s easy to see why our carton flow racks are essential in manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and picking operations.

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