Improving Maintenance, Repair and Operations with Storage Solutions

A manufacturing facility’s Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) team is like the oil that greases the wheels. The team is responsible for ensuring that every machine, appliance and facility is in good working condition.

As a result, an organised MRO team can keep a company operating efficiently while a disorganised one is inefficient and ineffective, and probably affecting company productivity, the bottom line and employee safety.

Driving Efficiency with the Right Storage Solution

The right storage system is key to achieving organisation and efficiency in manufacturing facilities. The system can help an enterprise avoid delays, waste and spoilage as well as reduce operational costs including time and effort in accomplishing a job.

To have the best storage solution for your facility, each type of equipment you choose should be able to help you achieve the objectives of your MRO team. The right item should be in the right zone, and company resources should be easy to find no matter whose shift it is.

Selecting the Right Storage Solution for the Industrial Setting

Many managers are forced to focus on budget constraints when selecting storage solutions, but certain factors should not be compromised.

Weight constraints, as well as safety and security requirements, have to be considered. When storing heavy items in drawers, for examples, units that do not tip over and whose frames do not easily give in are needed. As for safety and security, storage units that ensure restricted access are required.

Another factor is the environment. If the area where the storage system will be placed in is humid, for example, a unit that can withstand corrosion is needed to optimise one’s investment.

Next is the facility’s space constraints. This may seem obvious, but many overlook the importance of selecting storage units that maximise storage capacity without cramping the workspace.

If possible, consider configurable and mobile storage systems. These will give you the flexibility to change your layout should you need to store new supplies, tools and equipment for maintenance, repair and operations.

The Ideal Storage Equipment for Manufacturing Companies’ MRO

For most manufacturing models, conventional storage systems, such as shelving, racks, and bins, are still a must. They are ideal for large bulky items and large-quantity items that do not need daily access.

Giving staff storage units for their personal items greatly benefits MRO as well. Items that can contaminate products or clutter work areas are all kept safely in a designated area.

Small to medium-sized items such as hand tools, screws and spare parts are difficult to organise due to their varying shapes, amounts and sizes. For items such as these, high-density industrial cabinets are ideal. They have adjustable drawer compartments allowing you to configure the unit to your needs and have high load bearing capacities for heavy parts and tools. Our high-density drawer cabinets from Storeman, for example, have a maximum holding capacity of 140kg.

Let’s Give Your MRO A Boost

As in any business, an organised and intelligently-designed workplace helps staff achieve goals more efficiently. This is most felt in industrial settings. Less time is spent looking for items, people and equipment can move about easily and resources, especially human resources, are safer.

Containit Solutions is dedicated to providing quality industrial storage solutions throughout Australia. For assistance in selecting the right system for your business, contact us today.