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Spill Containment Solutions That Ensure Effective Chemical Spill Control

If you store chemicals in your facility, a chemical spill is a legitimate potential threat to the well-being of your employees, your business, the wider community and the environment. Chemical spills can occur for various reasons such as human error and carelessness, gradual damage to a container, chemical combustion, equipment breakdown etc.

According to Safework Australia, you have specific duties as a business to manage the risks of using, handling and storing hazardous chemicals in your facility. This includes providing spill containment systems that ensure the safety of your workers and property.

Below are four of the most effective storage solutions that ensure effective chemical spill control.

IBC bunded pallets

IBC bunded pallets are used for mass storage of IBCs and they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor storage, dependent on the exact application which can be confirmed with a consultant. These specialised units capture spills, drips and leaks so that hazardous liquids won't spread to the ground. Storing dangerous liquids on these IBC bunds in case of major spills will also protect your employees, your facility and the environment from contamination.

IBC bunds are typically made from either metal or polyethylene. Choosing between metal or plastic bunds depends on the type of chemicals that you store.

Bunded Storeman® longspan shelving systems

The bunded longspan shelving systems from Storeman® are fantastic solutions for storing drums in warehouses, workshops and shipping containers. If any spills occur, the bunds come with bungs and mesh shelves that allow liquids to drain easily into the sumps. Each level is bunded so there's no risk of liquid going over shelves or onto the lower levels. The bunded shelves are also fast and easy to assemble, making them cost-efficient for preventing hazardous spills.

Chemical Spill kits

Failure to deal with chemical spills properly can result in slip hazards, contaminated workplaces and devastation to the environment. In case a major spill occurs, spill kits are pre-packaged with all the materials you will need to clean up the chemicals. Not only will the spill be handled and contained quickly but the PPE included in the kits will also keep workers safe while they are cleaning up the spilt liquids.

Outdoor storage for dangerous goods

The outdoors is often the best place to store hazardous chemicals, specifically if it's within an area with minimal traffic. Outside storage areas are also beneficial for their natural ventilation and also reduces the chances of human exposure to chemical spills.

To store chemicals outside, you'll need outdoor storage solutions that provides genuine environmental protection and make effective use of space. They also need to feature built-in sumps to catch spills and leaks.

Protect Your Workplace with Robust and Reliable Chemical Spill Control Solutions

In warehouses and factories, proper storage of dangerous liquids is a necessity. At Containit Solutions, we have an extensive range of high-quality and heavy duty spill containment systems to meet your warehouse safety needs. They are designed to contain leaks and spillages of substances stored or processed for industrial applications.

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