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How to Choose the Right Workbench

Workshop benches are found in almost every industrial setting be it a warehouse, workshop, maintenance facility, mobile container or even a laboratory. Whether you run a DIY business from your garage or own a large industrial company, finding the proper workbench for sale will dictate the efficiency and productivity of your business. 


From workbenches as simple as a worktop with legs or castors (for added mobility) to models with inbuilt drawers, tool hanging boards, lighting and power options, choosing the best one for your specific industrial application can be challenging. Moreover, due to the varying levels of quality, strength, size, price points and ways workbenches can be utilised, you need to ensure it’s safe and in line with your manufacturing program and 5S principles. Therefore, it’s important to consider key things such as: height, construction, and additional accessories.


Fixed or Mobile?

The first question you should ask yourself is if your workbench needs to be fixed or portable. This will largely depend on the work you are doing. However, a fixed one is usually most efficient since workers will know exactly where a workspace is at all times.


It’s important to realise that while portable benches offer significant advantages when working on large machinery or extended production lines, they can never beat the steadiness of a workbench secured to the floor.

Bench Material Considerations

The construction of the benchtop is also essential. Depending on the machines and tools you use, choosing the right material is crucial. For projects that require a solid, hard- wearing surface to work on, it’s best to go with a metal bench top. However such a heavy surface will vibrate more and radiate higher noise levels.


The finish of both the bench and the support structure is also important. A galvanised worktop is often the best finish when it comes to longevity, performance and even aesthetic versus a plywood worktop which can easily scratch and dent overtime. Powder coating is a popular hard-wearing finish  because it’s very durable and can last for more than a decade when applied correctly and used in a suitable environment.

Accessories and Storage Options

Workbench accessories allow you to customise your workbenches to your exact requirements and can improve operations in a workplace. Under bench drawers, overhead enclosed peg boards, shelves and other accessories offer a handy place suitable for a tidy arrangement and storage of bulky tools and smaller parts required for maintenance. They also ensure that tools are always within reach.

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