Improve Workplace Safety with Electric Lift Tables

Warehouse workers put a lot of strain on their backs through lifting heavy loads that are either too large or too heavy. Hence, they are more likely to suffer from back sprains, spinal and other injuries involving missed workdays. Aside from using smart lifting practices, for loads heavier than 50kg it is recommended to use mechanical means such as electric lift tables, also known as “scissor lift tables”.

What is an Electric Lift Table?

Electric lift tables are mechanical devices designed to lift (and lower) heavy loads up to 4000kg at the push of a button. They consist of a platform that is raised by an electric or hydraulic criss-crossing (scissor) support system. Ideal for industrial applications including manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, rebuild centres, and maintenance facilities, lift tables can help improve productivity and enhance workplace safety as well. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right one. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When selecting an electric lift table, it’s important to consider:

  • the size and style in order to meet the specific needs of your applications
  • load capacity 
  • stroke (the elevation capability of lift table)
  • lifting mechanism (whether powered by electricity, hydraulics or pneumatic mechanisms)
  • important safety features such as: 

            - heavy duty design
            - hand controller for up and down and emergency stop
            - high lifting range
            - aluminium safety bar
            - built-in protection against overloading
            - safety clearance between scissors to help prevent trapping in operation

At Containit all electric lift tables are single phase operated meaning you don’t need to install three-phase power. We have a large range of models to help cater to a variety of applications. 

2000Kg Capacity Electric Lift Tables 

Ideal for many industrial applications these units are fitted with safety bars to prevent descent when contracting an obstruction and with our concertina safety skirts to help prevent trapping in operation. 

4000Kg Capacity Electric Lift Tables 

Very similar in design and equipped with all the features of our 2-tonne model, these units are 2200mm in length making them ideal for lifting and lowering large and long equipment. 

2000Kg Capacity Low Profile Lift Tables

Aside from a slimline design, these lift tables come with an optional ramp which allows electric pallet jack operators to load a pallet directly onto the table. This is very helpful if you’re looking to reduce forklift and human interaction. 

1500Kg Capacity Extra Low Profile Electric Lift Tables 

This low profile lift table is used in applications where the load isn’t ideal for slopes or where operators need to load the table using a manual pallet truck. 

2000Kg Capacity Rotating Lift Table 

This model is designed to improve handling practices in various applications. The top rotation table is manually operated allowing you to move the load to the required position while the up and down lifting function is conducted through a foot pedal instead of springs. 

750kg Capacity Electric Lift Table Trolley 

Easy to use and handle, this electric lift trolley is ideal for picking and packing, transporting heavy goods and even lifting. It comes with a push button control box handle with up, down and emergency stop and 4 castors (2 fixed and 2 swivel with safety frames and brakes). 

To learn more about our electric lift tables, contact Containit today.