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How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage

Efficiently utilising your warehouse space is of utmost importance. A good storage system can have a direct impact on the productivity and functionality of your business. Pallet cages for example, provide an ideal storage solution for various warehouse, distribution and transport applications. Commonly referred to as stillages, stillage cages, collapsible pallets, storage cages and caged pallets, aside from ease of access and visibility when transported, pallet cages are designed to make handling of stock easier.

Types of Pallet Storage Cages

Collapsible mesh storage cages 

These versatile high quality pallet systems are designed for light or heavy duty application and offer smart storage and efficient use of space. Fully stackable, collapsible mesh storage cages include a positive locking system, and fully removable front and rear gates. Available in 4 different sizes, 2 single size units and 2 double sized units. 

Collapsible metal base pallet cages 

These heavy duty transport cages are designed to withstand the bumps and knocks while protecting the goods kept inside. Equipped with anti-tipping bars, 4-way forklift access and steel sheet floor, collapsible metal base pallet cages are available in full and half height to suit your specific storage needs. 

Logistics and storage cages 

Designed to improve efficiency, these units includes a foot brake which automatically locks

the castors, adjustable shelves, 4-way forklift access and are suitable for pallet racking with positive locking  base design. 

Timber or metal base pallet cages 

These versatile high quality pallet systems are ideal for warehousing and storage applications. They are stackable with fully removable gates and are supplied flat-packed or assembled.  

Post and pipe stillages 

Ideal for storing longer or irregular loads, post and pipe stillages come with removable arms and are designed to permit stacking even when loaded.

Battery storage and handling cages 

Ideal for storing and transporting batteries, these cages are NTC approved for transportation of dangerous goods. They come with built-in spill containment bund, safety bars to prevent cage tipping, warning and safety signage and swinging doors for easy access. 

Weatherproof transport and storage pallet boxes 

Designed to ensure your gear is secure and protected from the elements, these heavy-duty storage containers are weather and dust resistant. They are suitable for standard pallet racking and come with lockable swinging doors, adjustable shelves, positive locking system for pallet racking and 4-way forklift access. 

Rigging storage cages 

Engineered to Australian standards, rigging storage cages are ideal for storage and

transport of rigging equipment such as chains, slings, hooks, clamps and shackles. They’re fitted with a top mounted, H-shaped rigging rack; come with a sheet steel floor and are accessible from both front and back. 

Benefits of Using Pallet Cages

Aside from organising and maximising the use of available space in the warehouse, enabling faster picking and packing of products, increased efficiency and productivity and preventing stock damage, pallet cages offer numerous benefits. 

Sturdy and Lightweight

Pallet cages are usually constructed from durable steel, offering a solid yet lightweight and resilient design. Because of their ideal weight-to-strength ratio, they are the perfect solution for stacked operations.

Safety First

The positive locking design ensures the cages can be safely stored and won’t slide off standard Australian size pallet racking. This ensures improved safety and prevention of injuries and near misses. 

Variety of Styles

Depending on what you need to store, some options are more suitable than others. The most common ones include mesh cage or solid panel designs, wooden and metal bases, and custom design options.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Load Capacity and Rugged Construction

The load capacity of your pallet cage will depend on its size and design as well as the storage abilities of your warehouse. While there are various sized pallets to choose from, their power will all vary. Cages made from steel are more durable and offer maximum protection and safe handling of the payload. 


Choose pallet cages that offer 4-way forklift access, stackable design, can be folded up or dismantled easily for efficient storage, built-in locking system and a quick release door mechanism that allows easy access inside.


The Best Pallet Cage Systems in Australia

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