How to Cut Warehouse Electricity Costs

Warehouses require a great deal of power to operate. The Australian transport, postal and warehousing industry collectively consumes up to 23.3 million gigajoules of electricity every year, amounting to $903.3 million in yearly power expenditures.

This amounts to more than 10 percent of a warehouse's total revenue, with 64 percent of the energy use going to cooling and lighting. Energy wastage can be a financial burden which warehouses can address.

If you wish to cut down your electricity costs, there are several things that you can do:

Switch to electric forklifts and improved storage

Since heating and to some extent, air ventilation uses up the most electricity, switching to an electric forklift and improving your storage shelving could go a long way in reducing electricity costs over time.

Fuel powered forklifts produce more heat, which adds to the air conditioning load of the building. By switching to an electric forklift and adding storage shelves that offer more efficient handling, you can reduce your power bill.

Improve air circulation

Air circulation, especially in an air-conditioned area, could reduce energy consumption as it can cool an area by as much as 2.5 degrees Celsius as compared to using air conditioning alone. The installation of ceiling fans is especially useful, as they prevent hot air from collecting around the ceiling.

Install a cool roof

A cool roof is a type of roof that is properly insulated to prevent cool air from escaping while reflecting the radiant energy from the sun away from the interiors. In a warehouse, this means less air conditioning is needed to keep the area cool.

Switch to energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting is one of the most efficient long-term solutions to power wastage. Switching to LED, coupled with the use of skylights to allow for natural light to enter the building can go a long way in reducing how much power you use.

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