3 Ways to Secure High-Value Items in the Warehouse

Every company that has a warehouse would want to secure their goods. If they have high-value items in their warehouse, there would be even more reason to enhance security and safety. They can limit the access to their warehouse by having only one primary door for all staff and visitors to enter and exit. The door can be installed with a heavy-duty locking system such as a high-quality number code system with fingerprint biometrics. They can also add CCTV cameras inside and outside their warehouse to act as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Besides enhancing the security features of a warehouse, companies should strategically place their high-value goods in secure areas. They can add protection by placing high-value goods in high-security aisles, storing it in upper bays or using pallet and stillage cages.

Using Secure Aisles

Companies can store their expensive goods in high-security aisles that are located near a supervisor’s area or a place where the most activity is happening in the warehouse. It is effective to have single-deep row racks against a wall so that goods placed on them are only accessible from one direction. Adding folding gates and restricting visitors and unauthorised staff access to the aisle is also an effective way to secure goods.

Keeping it Out of Reach

Although this may take a little bit more work to do, placing high-value goods in upper bays will discourage people on the ground level to take it off the racks. To gain access to it, they would need a rolling ladder or a forklift. This ensures that the goods will not be moved too much, which reduces the chances of damaging them.

Pallet and Stillage Cages

Using pallet and stillage cages are one of the most effective ways to secure high-value items. Containit Solutions provides an extensive range of pallet and stillage cages that improve storage, increase efficiency and reduce warehouse safety issues. From post and pipe stillages to collapsible mesh storage cages, we ensure that we can provide you with the most suitable pallet and stillage cage for your high-value goods.

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