6 Lessons From Amazon’s Warehousing Operations

Amazon receives about 35 orders per second. That’s 1.1 billion orders per year, and that number will keep growing. You could be running a smaller operation compared to Amazon, but you can learn a thing or two about these industry leaders on how to get it right.

Smart Storage Placement

Inside Amazon warehouses, items are stored randomly beside each other; employees who pick up the items don’t crowd spots in the warehouse. This smart solution might not work for all, but the willingness to let go of traditional methods can have positive results.

Quantified Performance Rating

Amazon tracks the performance of each employee; this allows the business to have a solid data to spot potential bottlenecks in the process and keep workflow moving flawlessly. With numerical data, every innovation is ensured to lead towards the right direction.

Embracing New Technology

Do not aim for technology replacing human employees. Instead, attempt to strike a balance between manual and automated processes.


Best practices, even the ones found in Amazon warehouses, don’t work for all businesses. Warehouse managers and owners shouldn’t just follow the rules. They should be willing to make new ones for the operations they lead.

Optimise the Warehouse

Maximising the storage space in a warehouse is necessary. Warehouse configurations should maximise usable storage space as well as provide enough space for operations. Our commercial storage solutions will equip warehouses with the most innovative hardware.

Improving Inbounding

Intake is often overlooked in favour of shipping. Check the inbound process of your warehouse and formulate ways to improve this process. Amazon’s entire team works with powerful computer algorithms to forward inbound inventory into optimal storage spaces.

With the rising speed and volume of how business is being conducted today, managing a warehouse requires constant stride towards efficiency and effectivity. To help your warehousing business stand out, Containit Solutions offers the highest quality warehousing equipment.

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