Pallet Cages: 4 Versatile Solutions for Your Facility

Pallet storage cages are an efficient way to save space and increase the efficiency of your pallet racking systems. These cages can be easily stored and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Pallet storage cages are a versatile industrial storage solution that address common problems with warehouse storage and transport, including:


Mesh cages can prevent loose items from falling. If items are unrestrained whilst lifting them up your forklift into your pallet racking, there is a high risk that the items could fall off your pallets. This presents huge safety risks to your staff, property and equipment.

Storing Irregularly Shaped Items

Not all items in a warehouse can fit securely in certain storage systems. For example, heavy duty industrial cabinets are more suited to store and organise tools and parts. In the case of irregularly shaped items, it’s a challenge to find a place where they can fit without the risk deforming them while being stored and stacked.

Pallet cages, particularly those made of mesh, are an excellent solution for warehouses that carry irregularly shaped items that cannot otherwise be stacked. These storage solutions come in different height sides, ensuring the safe retention of the form of the items stored in them. You can easily place the items inside the cage and then stack the pallets as you normally would.

Some items you can store in pallet storage cages include:

  • Inventory
  • Retail items
  • Service Kits
  • Cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Equipment
  • Documents
  • Supplies and tools

Pallet storage cages are available in different materials, such as mesh and metal. All these storage solutions are strong and durable, preventing damage to your warehouse items.

  • Wire mesh cages are ideal for storing a large range of items, providing visibility for your inventory. This means all items are easily stored and seen from the outside, making it easier to manage inventory and stock levels. You also lessen the instances of tedious searching for items. Mesh cages also have removable gates, which give safe, easy access to the items without having to remove the entire pallet from the shelf.
  • Pallet pallet cages can be used in a huge range of applications including storage of irregularly shaped items. With weather resistant options they can also be used to protect items from a range of conditions. The weather cover or outdoor storage box options are an excellent option for applications where moisture is present.
  • Some pallet cages have a timber base and are ideal for storage in pallet racking. They are used for storage of items ranging from cartons to heavy equipment.

Pallet storage cages allow you to store more goods with less space. They are available in collapsible and knockdown versions, allowing transport savings and reducing space when not required which frees up space and reduces clutter in the facility.

Aside from providing easy storage, pallet storage cages are also easy to move around. You don’t have to worry about products falling off pallets while transferring the cage from one area of the facility to another, offering excellent safety protection for your staff.

Weather Damage

Products can easily be damaged by weather conditions. Exposure to rain and hot sun can be damaging to your goods, especially if storing your products outside.

Our pallet cages have optional removable protective covers, protecting your goods from the elements.


Product theft can be common in warehouses. To protect your goods, you can add locks to your pallet cage. This prevents theft and provides additional security to your warehouse storage systems.

Wire cages are a versatile, multi-purpose storage solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products.