A Guide to Various Types of Stillages

In the world of industrial logistics and storage, the concept of "stillages" has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a basic metal base with four corner posts with or without mesh in between, has now transformed into a versatile range of products, serving diverse functions in storage, transport, logistics, manufacturing, and various other industrial applications.

The range of stillages for sale can now include products such as pallet cages, stillage cages, steel pallets, logistics cages, chain of responsibility transport systems, racking storage cages, stackable stillages, collapsible transport cages, timber pallet based cages, stackable cages and even specialised cages for items such as rollers, batteries, security boxes and many more.  

While they can have many functions, not many industries understand the beneficial advantages of these steel constructed products. So in this blog post, we’ll be featuring the most popular types of stillages you can find at Containit Solution. We'll shed some light on their uses, benefits, and explore Containit Solution’s innovative product range.

Post and Pipe Stillages: Secure Bulky Items That Don’t Fit Pallet Cages

Post and pipe stillages offer an ideal solution for warehouses needing to store long or bulky items that do not fit within the constraints of regular pallet cages. These stillages can be stacked up to four units in height and have a weight capacity of 1000kgs.

They are designed for slightly smaller items, thereby increasing storage efficiency. For added versatility, some post and pipe stillages come equipped with a plywood floor, making them a flexible storage solution. These stillages can also be stored vertically within your warehouse.

Double Length Post and Pipe Stillages: Store Awkward Items Conveniently 

Double length post and pipe stillages are perfect for keeping long and awkward items such as steel posts, carpet rolls, timber posts, and more. These stillages not only simplify the storage of unwieldy items but also reduce the safety and manual handling risks associated with transporting them.

Additionally, double length post and pipe stillages feature a removable rail that allows for easy loading and unloading of inventory. Similar to the regular post and pipe stillages, the double length options are stackable up to four units, with each unit capable of holding 1000kgs of goods, providing a practical and space-saving storage solution.

Double Size Half Height Collapsible Mesh Cages: Useful for Long and Low Items

Containit Solution's double size collapsible half-height mesh cages are designed to optimise storage and efficiently use the available space. These collapsible cages are particularly useful for items that are long and low, where conventional storage solutions may fall short.

The cages feature a unique world-first positive locking base design, ensuring extra safe storage on pallet racking. The front and rear gates are fully removable and can be stored outside with optional lockable lids and PVC weather covers, providing added convenience for those who require additional space or work through drop-point locations.

Double Size Full Height Collapsible Mesh Cages: Get Even More Storage

Similar to the half-height model, the double size full-height collapsible mesh cages offer enhanced capabilities with added storage. These cages include front and rear gates with middle hinges, allowing for easy access to both the top and bottom layers of stored items.

Unlike knockdown pallet cages, these mesh cages can be assembled in minutes and feature the same positive locking base design for secure storage on pallet racking. They combine efficiency with convenience, making them a valuable addition to any industrial setting.

Why Our Range of Stillages Stands Out

The broad spectrum of stillage options may appear deceptively simple to an outsider. However, various factors influence the performance and safety of these products. The products offered by Containt Solutions stand out due to the following features:

  • Durable Finish - All products have a zinc plated finish, which significantly impacts the longevity and safety of the product. It ensures protection against corrosion and wear.
  • Sturdy Base Design - The design of the base is critical for withstanding the rigors of transportation and handling, preventing damage to the stillage and its contents.
  • Robust Gate Latches - Gate latches are subjected to frequent use, that’s why all of our products feature robust and durable latches to avoid operational issues.
  • Enhanced Features for Collapsible Applications - In the production of our collapsible stillages we’ve put special emphasis on the weight of the sides and the hinge pin which are crucial for smooth operation, preventing jamming and ensuring convenience.
  • Design That Follows Safety Standards - Adherence to safety standards is paramount to ensure that our stillages are reliable, long-lasting, and safe for use in various industrial settings.  

Integrating these factors into the design of stillages requires a thorough and thoughtful process to provide the best solutions for warehouse, transport, manufacturing, and other demanding industrial environments. For us at Containit Solutions, a stillage is not just a metal product; it's a carefully engineered and designed solution. Browse our website, call 1300 794 836, fax 02 6862 2801 or email sales@containit.com.au for detailed product information.