5 Benefits of Stillages

Warehouses often use wooden pallets to store and move goods, however, this can present a problem when dealing with heavy materials. Wooden pallets are often unsuitable for heavy weight loads and may present a safety risk when being stacked or tightly packed with items as a result.

Stillage systems are one obvious solution to this problem. And at Containit Solutions, we offer top quality stillages which guarantee you'll get the job done safely and easily. The following blog post will try to give you an idea of what stillages are and list some of the benefits you can expect from these popular pieces of warehouse equipment.

What Is a Stillage and What Are Its Benefits?

Traditionally, a stillage referred to a basic metal pallet with four corner posts, commonly used in construction sites and manufacturing plants to store awkward items such as steel lengths. However, in today's context, the term "stillage" encompasses a broader range of products, including the original four-post metal pallets, timber-based cages, and collapsible pallet cages.

Warehouses often employ wooden pallets for storage and transportation, but these may not be suitable for heavy materials and can pose safety risks. Stillage systems offer a reliable solution for these challenges, with numerous benefits such as:

1. Space Savings

Stillages help organise warehouse products and save space. They can be disassembled for convenient storage within warehouse racking systems. And since they are not prone to breaking like wooden pallets, stillages help reduce the amount of waste generated by your worksite.

2. Enhanced Safety

Engineered to withstand heavy loads, frequent use, and extreme temperatures, these pieces of equipment ensure a safe storage and transport system. Plus, when using these steel products, workers aren't faced with the risk of getting hurt by a splinter or a broken pallet which.

3. Easy Stacking

Stillages are easy to stack with a forklift and provide a secure alternative to traditional racking systems whenever you need one. Opposed to wooden pallets, they are also much more secure and not as inclined to collapse.

4. Durability

High-quality stillages offer durability and strength, suitable for various storage applications. Since they usually last longer than other warehouse storage equipment, you can expect cost savings in the long run.

5. Versatile Functionality

Stillages are user-friendly. As mentioned, they can be stacked with forklifts and can be customised to meet specific needs, making them highly functional storage and transport containers.

Which Industries Benefit the Most from Stillages?

These benefits mean that stillages can find use in a wide range of businesses and industries, such as warehouses and distribution centres, logistics, site storage, manufacturing plants, maintenance facilities

Warehouses and Distribution Centres

These facilities are major users of pallet cages. Cages with a positive locking base design allow safe storage on standard Australian pallet racking, reducing the risk of items falling from heights. They also enhance picking and packing efficiency, eliminating the need for rewrapping and strapping pallets, and contribute to quicker dispatch times in a hub-and-spoke distribution model.


Stillages and pallet cages are extensively used in logistics applications, where they streamline product handling and reduce the use of single-use plastics. They not only save time but also contribute to a greener environment.

Construction Sites

Stillages are used for the storage of metal pegs, timber stakes, temporary fencing components, safety equipment, generators, and other common items found on construction sites. Their robust metal construction is ideal for the harsh conditions of construction environments.

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants benefit from stillage systems by efficiently organising parts and materials. These systems have evolved to handle various challenges, from materials sourcing to distribution on the factory floor, improving lean processes and overall efficiency.

Maintenance Facilities and Workshops

Maintenance teams use pallet cage systems to organise and store equipment and materials ahead of planned maintenance tasks. The consolidation of items improves efficiency and ensures secure storage with lockable designs.

How Much Do Stillages Cost?

The cost of stillages can vary widely based on design complexity and weight capacity requirements. Opting for standard bulk-manufactured stillage cages is usually more cost-effective than custom designs. Purchasing from the designer, manufacturer, or importer ensures value for your budget.

However, cost is just one consideration; safety, design, longevity, compliance, and efficiency gains are equally crucial factors when improving industrial storage systems.

Choose Containit Solutions

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