Small Parts Storage Shelving

The good thing about small parts is that they do not take up a lot of space to store. The bad thing? Well, they are notoriously prone to getting lost and creating a disorganised mess in the workspace.

Ever struggled to find a suitable place for a part? Or not being able to find a small part that you really need? What about storing a tiny yet important part that is critical and has long manufacturing lead times? It sounds like you need to rethink the way you keep these items.

For efficient and durable small parts storage, look no further than Containit Solutions. We have an extensive range of high-density cabinets, workstation drawer systems, and organisers to keep all your components in check, with tonnes of add-on accessories and smart features to make your work-life easier.

One of our best-selling products is the Storeman Easy Rack small parts storage unit, so let's see what are the benefits of this type of shelving and how it compares to other solutions for storing small parts.

Small Parts Storage Shelving vs. Alternative Methods

Shelving is a tried and true storage solution that has been a staple in warehouses for decades. It's relatively simple and versatile, offering an open design that allows for easy visibility and accessibility to small parts. Here are some of the benefits it offers:

  • Cost-efficiency: Shelving like the Storeman Easy Rack requires a lower initial investment compared to other alternatives such as mobile parts cabinets or large vertical lift modules and carousels.
  • Ease of access: Open shelving keeps your parts readily visible and accessible. This allows for convenient retrieval and streamlines the restocking process.
  • Customisability: Small parts storage shelving units are available in a range of sizes. Some have a modular design, allowing you to add or remove bays to suit your workspace needs.
  • Durability: High-quality units like the Storeman Easy Rack feature shelving with a powdercoated finish that offers protection from corrosion.

For those looking to optimise space and improve efficiency, some additional ways to small parts are with:

  • High-Density Cabinet Modules: These units offer a combination of drawers and cabinets that maximise the use of space. They're ideal for small parts that need to be organized and kept secure.
  • Workstation Drawer Systems: When workspace organisation is a priority, workstation drawer systems can be integrated into workbenches or other workstations, ensuring that small parts are right at the worker's fingertips.
  • Mobile Parts Cabinets: Mobility is the key benefit here. These cabinets can be moved around the warehouse or production area, reducing the time spent traveling to retrieve parts.
  • Vertical Lift Machines/Carousels: These automated systems use vertical space efficiently, making them suitable for warehouses with limited floor space. They provide quick and easy access to small parts without the need for manual retrieval.

Important Shelving Considerations

It's critical to select the correct shelving system that meets your long-term requirements. While the shelving's immediate weight capacity is vital, it is also critical to consider potential demands in the future, the loading method, and the frequency of use.

Proper shelving unit sizing is critical to ensure that items are stored neatly without becoming disorderly or difficult to find. Even for non-small parts storage, using plastic buckets on shelves can help with organisation and labeling.

Organise Your Storage Shelving with Parts and Bin Location Labeling

Proper labelling and organising are essential for efficient small parts storage. To better organise your shelving and other small parts storage solutions, you can use a range of labelling techniques, such as barcoding stickers or Kanban labels. Clear and easily accessible bin labels are critical for expediting the selecting and stocktaking procedures.
Our Top Selling Small Parts Storage Solutions

1.Storeman® Easy Rack Small Parts Storage Shelving with Buckets
Perfect for lots of small parts. Portable construction means you can bring your parts into your work area and keep everything neat.
2.Storeman Louvre Board Trolley
Completely portable, allowing you to easily bring your parts to your work area! Includes a full range of buckets available to suit, bottom tray storage area, and 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors.
3.Storeman® Linefeed Trolley with Tool Hanging Panels
Portable and fantastic for production lines, assembly areas, packing areas, etc. Quick and easy access to tools and equipment. Includes both buckets and tool hanging panels.

To learn more about any one of our solutions, contact us today.