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Why Your Warehouse Needs Longspan Shelving

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities receive large quantities of goods daily. It is important to ensure that these items are properly stored to maintain their quality. Selecting the most appropriate shelving system is the first rule of proper storage. It does not only enforce product quality maintenance but also makes operations safer and more convenient. And one of the most versatile and effective storage systems available today is the longspan shelving.

Longspan shelving is a unique system for storing small and medium-sized items and is, as its name suggests, longer than traditional shelving. This type of shelving is a very space-savvy solution for warehouse or industrial storage or use in the retail industry. And thanks to its available add-ons, it can be tailored to suit many different needs. Let's learn more about it.

What Are the Benefits of Longspan Shelving?

There are many reasons your warehouse needs longspan shelving as part of its industrial storage system, including:

  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight storage - Most longspan shelves are made of strong yet lightweight steel that enables easy manoeuvring of the shelves. The material also lets you store heavy and bulky goods with a lower risk of weakening the foundation of the system. The 1800mm long bays have a weight capacity of 500kg evenly distributed per shelf.
  • Maximising your storage space - Longspan shelving has a multi-tiered arrangement that allows for better organisation of goods, allowing you to store more in less space.
  • Durable solution - The shelves come with a powder-coated finish that protects the steel from corrosion and other debris. You can be assured that your system will be in use for many years to come, provided you keep within the required load ratings and bolt the shelving down to a level concrete surface.

Check Out Our Range of Heavy-duty Longspan Shelving

At Containit Solutions, we offer a full selection of Storeman® Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving. Our longspan shelving systems are highly ergonomic and are available in various sizes, heights and number of buckets and lid containers. Most of our longspan shelves have wide set openings that reduce picking time and help you monitor your inventory easily.

The plastic buckets that come with the longspan shelving enable better organisation and monitoring of your goods, as you can easily label each bucket based on its contents. We also offer lidded bucket shelves that provide extra protection for your goods and lower the risk of losing small-sized items.

Containit Solutions is proud to be a leading supplier of industrial storage solutions, including our premium longspan units. If you want to order our heavy-duty longspan shelving, simply follow our four-step quote to make a request. For any inquiries about our range of Storeman® products, call 1300 794 836.