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Finding the Right Industrial Cabinet

Industrial cabinets offer your business more than a place to store tools and materials. Made of sturdy and specifically chosen materials; they provide a safe and secure storage solution for potentially hazardous or valuable materials and tools. They also optimise your space, creating a safer work environment with more storage capabilities.


With an extensive range of industrial storage cabinets available, making the right decision for your needs can be a daunting task. Here's what to consider to make the right choice for your business and help propel it forward.

What You Plan to Store

To make the appropriate selection, consider your needs and the items that will go inside. With a range of cabinet designs available, you can choose from models with tool boards to promote ease of access, clear doors for easy searching, heavy-duty shelving and high-density drawers.

You should also keep an eye open for the weight restriction and size of your cabinets and any shelves within them to ensure that your items fit safely and securely inside without the risk of damage or creating a potential safety hazard.

The Surrounding Environment

Depending on your business and its daily operations, you may need to consider the workplace environment at hand before choosing your cabinets. Some construction and industrial businesses, for example, work with materials that create dust and debris, which you’ll want to prevent from collecting in your industrial cabinets.


The position and placement of your cabinets will also come into play here. For example, if your unit is situated where customers have a direct view, you may want to consider a solid door to create a neater and more attractive space.

The Need for Ventilation

Some equipment or materials you want to store may need ventilation, most often for safety reasons. Even if your cabinet is placed in a climate-controlled room, it doesn't mean that the materials and items stored inside will be kept regulated within that setting.


Checking whether your cabinet has the right level of ventilation will ensure both your items and your staff’s safety, preventing any contamination or overheating.


Compliance with Australian standards is an important factor to consider when you’re purchasing heavy-duty storage equipment. Whilst it’s important that the equipment comes with a load plate stating what it can handle, ensure that you talk to your supplier to find out what the steps are that they actually take to comply with relevant Australian standards.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Right Heavy-Duty Cabinets?

Quality industrial cabinets can benefit your workspace in many ways, including:

  • Improving stock control - Inventory management in warehouses and workshops is a huge challenge in workplaces across Australia. Breaking down boxes and storing parts in heavy-duty drawer cabinets is one of the ways to improve the stock control as it eliminates someone taking a whole box from the store and then discarding the remaining parts when their given project is complete.
  • Preventing theft – Pilfering of parts is something many large operations experience. Lockable drawer cabinets to prevent unauthorized access to parts storage is definitely a help in reducing theft and stock issues.
  • Keeping things in working order - Heavy-duty cabinets are one of the ways you can ensure that everything stored remains in working order, thus helping to reduce waste and the need for premature replacement of parts, equipment and other items. Drawer cabinets may not eliminate dust completely, but they do prevent dust buildup which can affect the condition of the items stored.
  • Maximising storage space – In packed facilities such as warehouses and workshops, space is always a premium. When used right, heavy-duty drawer cabinets can save up to 80% of space, allowing you to store more while still allowing for freedom of movement within the facility.

Find the Right Storage Solution with Containit

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