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Manage Your Tools and Parts Inventory with High-Density Storage Solutions

When operating a warehouse, distribution centre, workshop, parts store or similar facility, storage space is always going to be a scarce resource. These facilities involve a high degree of traffic and aisles, which ultimately reduces the amount of storage space that's available to use. In a standard operation, the access aisle area between each shelving unit accounts for around 50-60% of the overall floor space.

Businesses are looking for smart inventory solutions, such as high-density storage systems, to overcome this challenge. These systems are specially designed to minimise the number of access aisles and increase storage space for parts, tools, and related goods.

What Is High-Density Storage?

High-density storage can involve a variety of units that all have the same purpose: to compress more items into less space and remove needless access routes. Workers travel via access aisles between rows of shelves to retrieve the things they need. The amount of space taken up by aisles, as well as the time it takes to navigate them, can waste both real estate and productivity.

With the right high-density storage solutions, your business will no longer need these access aisles. Compared to lateral cabinets or typical static shelving, these units provide the same amount of storage capacity in about half the area.

Does My Business Need High-Density Storage Systems?

Before investing in high-density storage for your warehouse, assess whether this is the best option for you. This storage solution may produce the desired benefits if your company:

Struggles to efficiently stock, retrieve or find inventory;

  • Has far more items to store than available space;
  • Has handling expenses that are getting out of hand;
  • Doesn't have the budget to expand warehouse space or move.

It’s important to stress that the high-density storage option you choose for your warehouse must adhere to any local quality and safety laws.

The Different Types of High-Density Storage for Parts and Tools Inventory

Parts and tools are perhaps the most complicated items to store. Unlike boxed goods, pipes, pallets and similar inventory, these items are often unprotected or unlabeled, not to mention small and prone to getting lost or causing clutter.

To improve space usage, organization, and efficiency, high-density storage solutions for parts and tools are required in a variety of sectors. Here are the most commonly used options: 

  • High-density racks: To organise and store minor components and tools, traditional industrial shelving units can be outfitted with separators, bins, and drawers. They are inexpensive and simple to modify.
  • Drawer cabinets: High-density drawer cabinets are made up of drawers with dividers or partitions that allow you to easily store and organise tiny components, tools, and equipment. They are particularly important for preserving order and providing simple access.
  • Tool cabinets and lockers: These cabinets contain pegboard panels on the doors or walls that allow you to hang and organise tools with hooks and brackets. They are ideal for use in workshops and garages.
  • Vertical Carousels: These automated systems comprise of vertically rotating shelves that convey things to the operator at the touch of a button. They conserve floor space while increasing storage density,
  • Modular Drawer Systems: These systems make use of modular cabinets with separate drawers that may be designed to hold different-sized tools and parts. They are very adaptable and take up little space.
  • High-Density Mobile Shelving: These shelving units are installed on carriages that move along tracks. By minimising aisle space, this design optimises storage capacity. It is often used in archives and libraries.
  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs): These systems are made up of vertically organized trays or bins that are recovered and presented to the operator automatically. They are ideal for storing tiny to medium-sized goods in high-density storage.
  • Roll-Out Cabinets: These cabinets contain shelves that can be rolled out to provide quick access to stored things. They're frequently seen in workshops and industrial areas.

Maximise Your Storage with Containit Solutions

Containit Solutions is a leading supplier of high-density storage in Australia. We provide storage solutions for your parts store, workshop and warehouse. We cater to your inventory management needs with efficient and high-quality products.

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